John Reid, Photographer

A little about me

I remember taking a photography class in high school and one of the assignments was a product studio shot that we had to create without a shadow. To achieve this I placed a product  on white paper (my subject was a 20-gauge shot shell, times were different then) and I moved a light bulb around the product during a long exposure. When I developed the negative and printed the photo to my surprise I had a shot shell sitting on the white paper with absolutely no shadow on it. At the time it looked very much like a professional photograph. From that point on I knew I was going to be doing photography for the rest of my life.

Today all of my income is related to my photography. My full-time job is as Senior Editor for AirAGE media. I am very lucky to work on a number of national magazines geared towards lifestyle hobby enthusiasts, where my photography work is routinely published. At night I teach a variety of photography classes at my local college, ranging from introductory to advanced level classes. On the weekends during my “free time” I try to get out and photograph my favorite subject, which is anything that relates to nature. But my true passion has always been the macro world where insects dominated most of my photographic time and digital space.

Please feel free to peruse my site and hopefully you will enjoy some of my work. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at Enjoy

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